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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rights of the Child: abuse on the internet

Children are one of the most vulnerable groups in the world. Although their rights should be actively protected, often these rights are far from being respected. 

In efforts to fight child abuse on the internet the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has joined a group of international law enforcement agencies and plans to eventually prohibit anyone with a record for paedophilia from entering the country. According to The National, the Virtual Global Taskforce (VGT), established in 2003 to fight online child abuse, aims to dismantle global paedophile networks, co-ordinate cover internet investigations, share and develop intelligence and target sex offenders. As a member, the Ministry of Interior will focus on spreading awareness about online child abuse, introducing and enforcing legislation, joining global operations, developing monitoring tools and establishing a national child helpline. Major Gen Nasser al Naimi, the secretary general of Minister of Interior's office, who represents the UAE on the VGT, said he believed the partnership would "reinforce the country's position to protect the rights of the child".

Child pornography on the internet is a form of sexual exploitation using media. Children are victims on over 4 million sites, with an increase, and predators are increasingly connected. Still some countries only take into the age of consent and have not enforced protection measures. This can be contributed to lack of information available and cost. Strategies to combat child pornography are lacking and weak, they lack cooperation and coordination between developed and developing countries, and child pornography continues to develop and is becoming a very profitable industry. Considering child porn is a crime and a grave violation of the rights of child, States are recommended to adopt legislation such as that done by the UAE. 


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